About Us

Roots natural beauty is a pure organic and natural skincare brand committed to help people feel good about their skin. Our goal is to break the exclusivity of herbal cosmetics by providing science-based, non-toxic and sustainable formulas.  Roots natural beauty thrives to encourage self-love, healthy living and mental health.

Roots came from the attachment of the owner to its different origins. It is a blend of African and Mediterranean natural cosmetics ingredients.

“Growing up between Lebanon and Africa gave me the opportunity to discover the real meaning of beauty and skin in all its forms and colors.

Holding a BS in Interior design – Certificate of fashion design – Diploma in organic skin care development from C & E England (accredited from CMA – Quality license scheme and CPD)

I decided to expand my knowledge and learn more about beauty in order to achieve a complete satisfaction as a woman , all combined with using my skills and enthusiasm to correctly develop a variety of herbal skin care products that promote self-esteem and personality.”  

Zeinab Mroue, Founder

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